Sunday, June 7, 2015

second wisper

first step
the worst thing in modern education , is that it relates the efficient of the education process by money , ie. if u have enough money u will be well educated . and enough money means in egypt alot of money . but the tragedy in egypt , if u pay money that not mean u well have a good education system . and the reasons for that uncountable , but to destroy the legend u will need to know that the most paid universities in egypt like AUC and GUC are not a branches for any other university abroad however u will pay alot of money . finally , to make the most of it u will need to know that , there is only one university in egypt which is abranch for a foreign university . it is TU BERLIN , which has only 3 program in engineering "energy engineering, urban engineering, water engineering " and tuition nearly 12000 euro and this is their facebook page . the last thing before i forget , those program are only for master degree .