Tuesday, January 9, 2018

ZLD units in Egypt

ZLD units in Egypt

what is the other face of the industrial age ? it is simply pollution . but for our luck , industry offers us many solution to protect the environment . and here in Egypt , although it is a developing country but, it is seeking sustainability " simply meeting our needs with out any effect on next generations needs " and ,this is very obvious in the new plants constructed recently , using a powerful tools which is "ZLD unit "  and by meeting latest regulation like euro 5 . 
examples for ZLD units in egypt :

1) TCI SANMAR for chemicals in Egypt 
2) ETHYDCO   https://goo.gl/LsxIDT 

Briefly ZLD means transforming water effluent into permate " good water for reuse " , brine  for other industries or salt crystals  then the disposal of it , and steam .
to understand the process see this video  https://goo.gl/gTSCEE

In the end i'd like to add that we try to have the good of it , for example at TCI sanmar there is another plant for soda production in which brine is used as a feed so evaporator here has no meaning so we just skip it . just another thing , the ministry of petroleum have plans to apply ZLD technology over its seven refining plant .